Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yet another angle on the shift linkage I modified to fit around the rubber motor mount. I found someone to weld the piece I need, so it should be good once I get it back.

Here is another attempt to show the shift linkage. It is still difficult to see. The picture on the right is a comparison with the stock shift linkage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Final Version

Here she is in her final glory. I went with the stock color scheme except for the decals that go on the gas tank. I dont really like the way the big yellow stripes look so I kept it simple. I will try to take some better pics later.

The front fender was big fat chrome one for the stock version. I changed to a fiberglass painted fender. The stock one was beat up and rusty and I like the looks of this better.

A big change that I had to have someone else do the welding for, was rubber engine mounts. The picture on the right shows the new mount. I also had to modify the shift linkage to fit around the new rubber mount in the rear of the engine.

First modifications

Here are two of the first modifications. I replaced the turn signals front and back. ThenI installed a front brake from EX 500 and mounted it on back side of fork. Can't see it but I also changed the chain size down to a 520 from the stock chain.

The inside look to the transmission.

I also took the motor apart and rebuilt it. I sent the crank away to have it rebuilt, and the transmission to have it checked. I bought new pistons and rods. Then I sent out the cylinders to John Aylor to have a reed kit installed. I did not intend too, but due to reasons I won't do into, had to have the cylinders bored. So the pistons sit at about two sizes over stock.

This is proof of the beginning. At this point I stripped the frame and had it powder coated. Then I put new tires on the wheels after polishing them. Then the assembly and the fun stuff begins.

Coy Toy - 1974 Kawasaki 750 H2

This is a project to restore a 1974 kawasaki 750 H2.
I took this bike apart down to the frame and built it back up piece by piece. I didn't really know what I was doing, which means I learned as I built. I have to thank and give my gratitude to the friends and experts at Kawasaki Triples WorldWide : Legendary Triple Cylinder Two-Stroke Motorcycles of the 70's This is forum wher I asked many questions to others out there who build these same bikes.